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Tax Panning for June 30th and beyond

Nifty AccountingFeatured Tax Panning for June 30th and beyond

Tax Panning for June 30th and beyond

Has your business had a great year and you are concerned that you won’t have the money aside to pay for the tax or do you even know how much tax you will be required to pay ? As June 30 2017 approaches us, it’s now imperative for business owners to be assessing their tax planning strategies with their accountant.  Tax planning is a crucial element in minimising your tax obligations and any actions must be undertaken before June 30. Below is a list of areas that we like to consider when looking at your tax planning options.


Tax planning considerations :


  • Small business tax concessions
  • General superannuation advice
  • Capital gains tax (CGT) management
  • Negative gearing tax implications
  • Deferring income and prepaying expenses ( A great example – Prepaying accounting fees !)
  • Changing your business’s structure for years moving forward


Every client is different and has different needs and we like to think that we can assist our client work towards their financial goals. I don’t believe that we have any clients that enjoy paying too much tax and with careful strategic tax planning we can help you minimise the amount of tax that you pay so you can keep your hard earned dollars in your pocket !

If you are interested in having your tax position estimated and want to be proactive with your tax planning options, please contact David Cook of our office to schedule an appointment.